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Monday, July 6, 2020

It's Time For A New Challenge!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to have been chosen to be 

July's Featured Designer on the

Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog

As you know, I absolutely love mixed media design, and if I can, in some way, incorporate a tropical vibe.... you know that's exactly what I'm going to do! 

     Is it any wonder that this weeks theme on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog is "Play With Paint" featuring products by designer Dina Wakley?!!  Dina is a designer that loves the ocean as much as I do, and believe me, it was an absolute pleasure to create with her brilliantly vivid mixed media designs! So without further ado, thanks again to my friends at Simon Says Stamp...and Dina... this one's for you!

     It's funny how you can sometimes start with an idea that ends up being so much more than you intended! Here's a example of a mixed media piece that became just that! What started out as a card just became too much fun and eventually became way too big for any card base! Lol! Who else has been in my shoes? Yeah, you know who you are! Why settle for mediocre when you can have spectacular! Right?! 

    So are you ready to learn how this underwater scene transpired from an ordinary card to beautifully vivid mixed media wall art?  Grab your scuba gear and follow me...as we leave 216 Alchemy Lane for some fun in the sun with crystal clear water as far as your eye can see!
     *I'm going to warn you that this may be a little lengthy but I promise you'll thank me in the end! This was my first time using many of these products and my excitement is just pouring over! Once you learn about them I know you will love them as much as I do!
     And besides, there's a surprise freebie waiting for you at the end of this journey!

The first thing you'll notice as you arrive are 
the many different design you are able to choose from for this creation. The Dina Wakley Collage Collective was an awesomely amazing place to begin your journey! Seriously, have you seen this collection of double-sided, jewel-colored mixed media pages? Tear some out, leave some in, they all bound together in this incredibly convenient journal! 30 pages are thick enough for tags and the other 30 are perfect for embellishing those tags or for adding mixed media backgrounds that will make you look like a rockstar! (psst....I won't tell if you wont! Lol!) Here's some of my favorites from her collective:

How beautiful are those? I mean, shut the front door...right?! They're so gorgeous that all the work is already done for you! 
     Here's the one that started it all....doesn't the background remind you of bubbles? 
     I have to laugh because this was supposed to be one of those "trendy" slimline cards. It was almost the perfect size as well! Oh well, maybe next time! 
     Since there are doubles of each of the designs, I used both sheets. I cut the thinner of the two out and mounted it to a piece of sturdy cardstock cut the same size. I cut the other one out and ran it through my machine with the "Cross Stitch Rectangle Die-Namics" by My Favorite Things. 
     Since these "Cross Stitch" dies tend to sell out quickly, I would suggest that if you see it "in stock", get it because they are becoming super trendy! If you can't find this particular one, there are many others that work the same way on the Simon Says Stamp website. Just type in "cross stitch" and BAM! You'll see so many! The Mama Elephant "Pegworks" die was in stock the last time I looked (although you may have to adjust your stitch count ) but don't quote me on it. Like I said, they are on fire..... with good reason!
     Check this out....remember cross stitching? You can actually cross stitch on cards! Yes, on cardstock! The cardstock just has to be sturdy enough not to rip! 
     Here's two examples of how I have run two different cross stitch dies through my machine. The first one is the My  Favorite Things Cross Stitch Rectangle Die-Namics die and the second one is the My Favorite Things Cross Stitch Bookmark Die-Namics. Don't worry, I'll post links to everything I've mention in here at the bottom of this post!
Do you now see how incredibly versatile these dies are? Time consuming? A bit....but lets be honest; the card will more than likely, become such a huge part of the happiness you are sharing! Or you'll just end up looking like an artistic genius at the party! Either way, it's a WIN! 

Here's a close-up of the pattern my son helped me to create! Yep! Believe it or not, there's a particular video game that comes in really handy when you want to create a pattern from scratch! Leave me a comment below if you think you know which one it is! If not, ask a teenager and they will tell you! Lol!   
     All of the nautical chipboard pieces are from Dina Wakley's "Chipboard Shapes" Media found at Simon Says Stamp! I quickly found out that these little pieces of what I call "naked art" are an awesome base for alcohol inks as well as paint! Here I used Dina's "White Gesso" to "prime" the pieces before I alcohol inked them! This is a must with alcohol inks or they will just soak right though and not give you that fluid, bubbly, coolness!
     And then of course, I alcohol inked them with Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks!! I'm an Alcohol Ink Artist...did you really think I could go without inking something?!! It's an addiction and believe me... the struggle is real! Once you start alcohol inks...life begins! Lol! 
     Just look at that coral...
And more coral...

     The rest of the card came along pretty quickly with a hot glue gun, some nautical twig ribbon I had left over from a Christmas not so long ago, and a touch of sequins & beads I found spilled all over the place, at the bottom of my string stash!  Whew! Talk about using left overs! 

 I don't know if you can see it that well but the beads are supposed to be suction cups on "Inkys" tentacles! 
So there you have it! Can you tell I had fun with this?!
     Have I inspired you to start cross stitching on paper yet? Worried about where to begin? There are plenty of gorgeous patterns online. In fact, I started stitching when I was inspired by a tremendously talented cross stitch artist named Cathy Carlson on instagram! Talk about talented! If you are looking for patterns to go with any of these dies, she has an amazing collection!
Oh and before I forget... here's a little photo of the custom pattern I made with the help of my son and one of his video games! It's my very first one! Hey, if I can do it; you can do it!!! 
     Remember: Inspiration is everywhere! You just have to open your eyes and take a closer look ...and sometimes, it helps to
  ask a teenager! Lol!
and here's a copy of the pattern for you to use... 
     Please link back to this blog if you should decide to use it....we would love to see your creations! Especially my son as he was the mastermind that was able to transform my vision into blocks! We plan on doing more patterns in the future so check back with us from time to time and don't forget to follow me on Instagram. Thank you so much Simon Says Stamp for your inspiration and hospitality, and as always...have a beautifully creative day and I'll see you next Monday for another New Challenge! xx~Sheila

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous wall art Sheila!! This is fantastic!! I am a scuba diver and love it when I find an octopus, they are so inquisitive and playful. Lovely creatures. You definitely took me on an underwater adventure here!! the whole design is stunning!! Love the vibrant colours and details, just awesome! :-) Well done to your son on designing the cross stitch pattern too! :-)

    Hope you have a great week! I can't wait to see what delight you have in store for us next week! :-)
    Lols x x x

  2. WOW!! This is amazing Sheila! A wonderful mixed media make with the stitching, painting, and cluster of objects...it really looks like a treasure dragged in by the sea. LOVE it!! Happy to have you with us this month! hugs, Maura

  3. Another creative and artsy make by you! I love the underwater concept and the vibrant colors! And yes, I was wondering when the AI's were coming out. Another big applause from me!


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