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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Alcohol Inked Christmas Card & Tag

Alcohol Inked Christmas Card & Tag

     Can you believe Christmas is just 4 1/2 weeks away! This card and tag were so much fun to make!
I'm definitely going make more as soon as I get some other ideas out of my head! Do you ever look at a stamp or die set and think of a million and one ways to use it before you even leave the store? This happens to me all the time.
 One of the die sets I cant seem to let go of is the Tim Holtz Skeleton Leaves! I immediately knew that I was going to chop up that branch of leaves to make a poinsettia! 
     A poinsettia has no actual petals! It's made up of leaves anyhow! I absolutely love this poinsettia!
     This was so easy and it came out so intricate! The rest of the card & tag became a challenge for me to see how many alcohol ink techniques I could use. 

     I used a dab technique to make the base of the card with alcohol inks.They almost look like little berries on the tag! I was able to smooth out the corners so I could then lift the ink using Tim's Perfect Plaids stamp and transfer it to another piece of paper. (I'll be using that sweet image for another card!) 

     Do you see that little bit of gold that separates the plaid lift area from the dotted? That's from a metallic gold transfer sheet. If you can move quickly, before the edges dry, you can lay this over it, give it a rub,  and transfer it to any wet, sticky area in your inks!

     I used snowcap alcohol ink to paint the snow onto the Deer and Bayberries. Yes, you can use alcohol ink to make snow! The best part is...if you make a mistake, it cleans up much easier than acrylics with some alcohol!
     And there you have it!
 A snowy gold and cream ribbon finished the set.
                               If you love poinsettias like I do, I have another interesting fact...
     *In the wild, they can grow to 12 feet tall with leaves that measure 8 inches across! Now that's something I would love to see!     

     I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope it inspires you to bring out your alcohol inks and give it a go! And if you do, tag me on Instagram or Facebook! The links are on the right side of this page! I'd love to see what you make! Until next time, wishing you best! ~đź–¤Sheila

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