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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Maker Monday!

     It's Maker Monday (actually it's Tuesday...talk about a late start!) Anyway, every Monday I intend on showcasing a design or product from a "Maker" or "Company of Makers" that I would recommend to you! Although I am not affiliated with these brands, I have been inspired by their designs enough to make sure you know about them. After you see their designs I'm sure they will inspire you just the same! This weeks "Maker Monday" design is one that is as versatile as it is beautiful. 
Wishing You A Basket Full Of...
    I could not wait to "pour" something out of the basket from designer Wendy Vecchi's "A Basket of Art" stamp set! Believe me, I still have a gazillion ideas for that basket! And those leaves! Do you see how you are able to fold and twist and turn them?!! Listen, don't be afraid to fussy cut these flowers and leaves! They are large enough to cut in no time at all and its so worth it!
and...There is a coordinating set of "MAT minis" that nicely support all of your pieces! 

    I used the basket "mini" to give a little bit more stability to it. But I think my favorite thing about Wendy's design is that it came with stencils that actually cover sections you don't want colored while you color sections you do want colored! It's really a smart concept that has eliminated the fear of coloring outside the lines for me! 

  Of course I had to test this concept out in a slightly different way by dabbing embossing fluid, instead of color onto the middle of the flowers, lifting the stencil up carefully, then applying embossing powder, enabling me to heat set perfect metallic and black centers!  I then heat embossed that fantastic web in black and pearl and stretched it out between the leaves (from the Tim Holtz stamp set "Frightful Things")
    Those awesome little spiders are also 

from the same Tim Holtz set! The sentiment is missing the word "happiness" on purpose....just in case you want to
 wish something other than that! You can see where this little stamp can come in very handy!
     And there you have it! "Wishing You A Basket Full Of...

       in case you were wondering 

                           the inside of the card

                                  says ...."Happiness!"

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  1. This is so incredibly inspiring! Love the design and the embossing takes this over the top!


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