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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

My New Journey! My New Blog!

                          Welcome to "216 Alchemy Lane!"                                      I'm a maker just like you! And when I create, a story develops, a memory is triggered; a thought becomes...something physical!        
                                        to me, it's Magic!
 (kinda like..."Alchemy")             
   I grew up in Ohio and back when things were a bit simpler, all of Northeastern Ohio, including Cleveland, was under a "216" area code. And just like life, things got complicated and area codes multiplied.
      Anyways, the "216" reminds me to keep things simple and to always remember where I came from in my life, as well as in my art. As creatives, we take different paths that eventually lead us down a familiar road where we can start to learn from each other. It is on those solitary paths that we find ourselves in life and our style in art. It's where everything comes together and begins to make sense. We become...
                         a little stronger,
                                     a little braver,
                                              a little more creative.
And eventually, if you're  anything like me...
You want to shout it out in the middle of a street 
and share your story and ideas with the World 
because there's always someone else out there; 
who is searching for inspiration!

 216 Alchemy Lane
( Yes! I'm shouting!)
This is where my next journey begins
and I'm so glad your here because 
I have so much to share with you!


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